Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Very easy! You choose how to start. You will receive all products and the manual within 3 days. And you will immediately receive an email with an educational video of the treatment, protocols and an extensive content map for your socials and website. Are you ready to offer all treatments now? Then shop the all treatments pack, and put all the treatments on your menu!

Prescription develops professional actives, basics, treatments and a retail range for skin therapists, cosmetic doctors and beauticians. Prescription's actives and treatments have been developed by a team of skin therapists, specialists, doctors and laboratory technicians and are produced in a pharmaceutical lab in Barcelona.

The best way is to start with the all treatments pack. You will then receive a box with all actives, creams, oil, mask and cleanser within 3 days, plus a set of 3 of all actives in retail size. You will immediately receive an email with access to all educational videos, all protocols and you can register for free for all one-day education and workshops. So in no time you will be ready to offer all Prescription treatments and to prescribe a home prescription for all your clients. Are you not experienced enough yet? Then you can also start with one treatment from Prescription.

Are you ready to offer all Prescription treatments to your clients? And also prescribe all retail products and skin goal sets to your clients? And offer the skin quiz in your institute? And therefore also to become a Prescription Premium Institute? Then you can shop the all treatments pack. You will then receive all professional products needed for all treatments, all retail products to prescribe to your clients, educational videos of all treatments, manual and protocols and an extensive content map for your socials and website.

Prescription was developed by and for doctors, skin therapists and beauticians. Are you a professional beautician or skin therapist? Do you want to offer your clients the latest and most effective treatments? And do you want to stay up-to-date with international trends and developments? Then our treatments are certainly suitable for your institute.

As a PPI (Prescription Premium Institute) you have all the privileges of Prescription. This means that all education is always free for your institute, you can attend all training courses for free, you receive a 10% purchasing discount and much more.

With great care. We put together a team of experts to develop each treatment. This team usually consists of skin therapists, a cosmetic doctor and a laboratory technician for choosing the right active ingredients. First we enter a test phase where we critically examine the results. If we are convinced, we will further develop the treatment. Ultimately, a box is created with all the products needed for this treatment, a protocol for implementation, an explanation video and one-day training that you can find on our education calendar.

Results can be seen after just one treatment and you can prescribe the best prescription for your clients at home, making personalized facials the way to go! Our consultation quiz is a super useful tool for this. If you work with Prescription and are a Prescription Premium Institute (PPI), you can offer all your clients a consultation quiz (free). Your client receives an email, completes the quiz (5 minutes) and you receive a customized recipe for the facials. And a prescription that you can prescribe to your client to take at home.


An active is a product with one active ingredient, present in high doses. Sometimes combined with another active ingredient if that improves the result. Because that's what it's all about: results! With Prescription actives you will see a difference and results after just one treatment. And with the actives you prescribe to your clients, results can be achieved after just 4 weeks. You will be amazed!

An active is often confused with a serum. But an active is not the same as a serum. A serum is an active product that is comfortable to apply. We know that adding more ingredients to a product can reduce its effectiveness. That is never the case with an active. With an active, the active ingredient and the result you can achieve with it always play the leading role. That's why we say: An active is not a serum, it's better!

Yes absolutely. Our professional actives and the actives that you prescribe to your clients are completely lab-based. This means that they have been developed, tested and produced in a laboratory (under sterile conditions). Since the entire process takes place in a medical environment and the actives are in high doses, we can speak of pharmaceuticals.


No, although many cosmetic doctors prescribe Prescription's actives, all products are available "over the counter". And skin therapists and beauticians may also prescribe them.

Certainly! All actives and basics that you use in your treatments can also be prescribed for home use. The actives are the same, only the dosage of the retail products is slightly lower than the professional actives used in the treatments.

With Prescription you sit in the doctor's chair and write prescriptions to your clients. With the recipe you indicate which actives you recommend and how to mix them with the basics (or other products). This way you always give a tailor-made prescription and you focus very effectively on skin improvement.

The actives that we offer in the retail collection are almost the same as the professional actives that you use in the treatment. The difference is in the dosage/percentage of the active ingredient: the professional actives are dosed higher.

delivery & account

Are you a professional client of ours? Then the following applies: ordered today before 4pm, delivered tomorrow. Are you new to us? Then you must first create an account. That goes super fast. Your order will then be delivered within 3 days and you will immediately receive an email with the education you need.

Are you new? Then you must first create an account. This can be done very quickly on our website. Go to LOGIN and enter your details there. Do you find that annoying and would you rather receive personal guidance? Go to CONTACT and send us an email, WhatsApp or call us (between 9am and 5pm).